Healthy Three-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

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Healthy Three-Ingredient Banana Ice CreamHealthy Three-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

August is going to be a little stressful, so if you’re available to come sedate me for roughly a month or like throw me into the ocean or something, I’m down for that! Good news, though: it’s stressful for GREAT reasons, because there are big changes coming up that I’m excited about!

Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

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Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Cookie BarsCheesecake Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Since I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago, I’ve struggled to manage it. Turns out it’s kind of hard to make regular appointments, pick up regular prescriptions, and monitor healthcare when you have a condition that makes it a struggle to manage time and logistics. WHAT A SURPRISE.


Cheddar Chex Mix Saltine Toffee

Cheddar Chex Mix Saltine ToffeeCheddar Chex Mix Saltine Toffee

Cheese Cracker Saltine Toffee

Cheese Cracker Saltine ToffeeCheese Cracker Saltine Toffee

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