How to Put Together a Cheese Plate (and Other Summer Picnic Recipes)

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by Julie Ruble at

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How to Put Together a Cheese Plate

3. Splurge a bit. I'm a pretty cheap foodie: I usually skip the most expensive cheeses. But this time around, since cheese was the main part of our meal (and since I figured I'd use leftovers in other recipes), I let myself grab a few blocks of the expensive stuff. When it's the primary flavor of your meal, it's worth it!

4. Make it pretty. Again, we're maximizing easiness, here, so I don't mean make it fancy. Just pretty. I threw a table runner on our patio table, put the cheeses on a platter with grape bunches as a buffer, and poured the snacks into nice jars and ramekins. Things just taste better when they look good. Thankfully, it's not hard to make a plate of cheese look fantastic.

Any other tips, veteran cheese platers?

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